3 Generations Of Family Operated Business

Salvatore Cracchiolo Salvatore, the father of the Founder and CEO of Consolidated-Medical and Surgical Supply Corporation, Mr. Richard Crana, was born in Palermo, Sicily. He emigrated to the United Sates at the turn of the Twentieth Century as a Master 'Ciabattino' Cobbler. He completed several years of an extensive apprentiship in an Italian Master Craftsman Guilld, as was the custom. He then pioneered the creation of the first Orthotics under the guidance of Orthopedic Specialists of the day. As a Master Craftsman, Mr. Cracchiolo served as a source of inspiration and impetus for his son to continue on, taking the craft of his esteemed father into the wider modern field of prothestics and orthotics, which is known as Consolidated Medical and Surgical Supply, a leader in the field for over 40 years.


Richard Crana, Our Founder

Richard Crana, the founder & former CEO of Consolidated Medical was born in Brooklyn, NY. In his early years of life he served in World War ll aboard the U.S.S Hope hospital ship. After returning from his service, he set out on a path to help further serve people with disabilities and provide medical assistance. In 1974 he constructed the foundation of what Consolidated Medical is today. He had built the company with the greatest intentions of fulfilling the communities needs. In 1997, we lost such a well renowned man that we honor within the business everyday.

Douglas Crana, CEO

Doug, one of three sons, took full control of Consolidated Medical in 1992. From an early age, he devoted his entire life to the business and field. Not many can compare to having such a well sculpted background over an extended period of time. The immense knowledge and friendly personality Doug has to offer, is far more valuable than any business interaction. He has taken what his father had built and brought the business to new heights. Over the recent years, the company has grew tremendously becoming an exceptionally well known figure in the industry. Through Doug’s motivation and skill set, as well as his highly proficient team; they have been able to reach great success with new goals on the horizon. 



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Our Mission

Consolidated Medical always and will always provide the most personalized experience available. We are a second generation, family operated business, that values the customer relationship greater than any competitor. The durable medical supply industry is far more than product based. Servicing and developing a transparent relationship with the medical provider is as, if not more important. We pride ourselves on the lengths we go to fulfill our customer’s needs. We ensure to be there for you every step of the way along your medical journey. 

We have excelled in providing upscale complex rehab assitance. We look to further our pursuits in this specialized niche and are becoming a leading provider nationwide.                                                               

        Douglas Crana, CEO

Our Team


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